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Are you looking for offices for rent in Barcelona and can´t find your ideal one?

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If you are looking to rent coworking offices for your team in Barcelona and you can’t find anything that fits your needs, read this article, you will have a new perspective, whether you are a company with your own office with a traditional rental, whether you have at your team working remotely or are you in another coworking space? At betahaus, we offer a perfect solution with our offices for rent in Barcelona within our coworking in Barcelona in the Gracia neighborhood.

At betahaus Barcelona, you will not only find a workspace, but also an environment that encourages growth and collaboration. Our coworking spaces offer office rentals by the hour or equipped offices for creatives and companies. We also have private offices in a collaborative environment. Our prices are competitive and we specialize in offering office services for those looking for a dynamic and productive work environment.

In Barcelona, finding contemporary offices to rent is a simple task thanks to the variety of options available. From renting office spaces by the hour to opting to rent offices and rooms for different work needs, the possibilities are wide. The concept of coworking has gained momentum in the city, offering creative spaces to collaborate and connect with other professionals. Office buildings in Barcelona have options for personal offices, meeting rooms and coworking-type models with flexible rates.

In summary, the office offering in Barcelona adapts to the needs of each company or professional, providing an adequate and functional work environment.

Which one best suits you? We help you resolve your doubts.

barcelona coworking space betahaus

Flexible office betahaus Barcelona coworking space

Find your ideal space with offices for rent Barcelona

Barcelona, a city where innovation and entrepreneurship are found on every corner, offers fertile ground for companies looking for a home that will foster their growth.

In this vibrant context, betahaus Barcelona emerges as the perfect solution for different business profiles, offering offices for rent in Barcelona that not only serve as workspaces, but also catalyze creativity, collaboration and well-being.

Yes, we have done our homework, and we have detected a series of points that concern companies when choosing an office.

Space and Flexibility Needs

  • Size and Scalability: They look for offices that can accommodate everything from a single freelancer to small or growing teams, with the ability to expand or shrink as needed. At betahaus Barcelona we work with 4 square meters per person, other coworking spaces use a ratio of 2.5 square meters per person.

  • Flexible Contracts: They prefer flexible rental terms, avoiding long commitments that are common in traditional office rentals. We offer office as a service, which means that there are no permanences, there are no deposits, there are no guarantees.

Cost and Administration

  • Affordable Costs: Concerns about high rental costs, especially in premium locations, and the search for cheaper options that include essential services. We offer discounts for long stays, market prices with all services included.

  • Office Management: The desire to avoid the complexity and time consumed in the daily management of an office, preference for spaces that offer administrative services included. We will ensure that the space you use is in perfect condition, taking care of you and your team so that you do not have to do anything other than what is your business. You can also access your office 24/7.

Amenities and Services

  • High Speed Internet Access: A crucial necessity for most modern business operations. Our symmetrical 600 MB speed together with a partner like CISCO gives you the speed and security you need.

  • Equipped Workspaces: They are looking for offices that are furnished and ready to use, with access to meeting rooms and break areas. Most of our furniture is handmade by wood craftsmen, we have 3D ergonomic chairs. We have 5 meeting rooms, 20 perfectly equipped videoconferencing booths, 6 terraces where you can relax and a cafe on the ground floor.

  • Additional Services: Interest in complementary services such as printing, receiving correspondence, and access to cafeterias or kitchens. At betahaus Barcelona we take care of everything (it is what is called “serviced office”): parcels, correspondence, you can have your tax address with us, you will have access to all community events as well as Yoga, Tai Chi weekly. In addition to this, water, tea and coffee are included and our technology will record the entry and exit of all your employees to comply with the law.

Location and Accessibility

  • Convenient Location: Proximity to clients, partners, and talent, as well as easy access to public transportation, are important factors. Our location is spatial. We are located north of the wonderful Gracia neighborhood. In fact we are the largest space in the neighborhood. We are located in the best location in Barcelona, in the heart of Vila de Gracia, very close to Parc Güell and the emblematic Paseo de Gracia. We are exactly between the Plaza del Norte and the Plaza Rovira i Trias, near the Fontana metro, the Joanic metro and the Lesseps metro. We have a parking lot right in front of the building.

  • Security: The security of the area and building is a primary consideration. Betahaus Barcelona relies on CISCO Systems for digital security, it has 42 cameras and alarms for physical security, active and workplace safety protocols, occupational risk and civil liability insurance, as well as protection against theft by third parties.

Community and Networking

  • Networking Opportunities: Many seek coworking spaces for the opportunities to network with other professionals and companies. betahuas BARCELONA with more than 1,000 members offers a lot of opportunities to connect with other professionals who can help you give a boost to that project, service, product that you are designing. We also hold a lot of community events that will bring you closer to other members in a more friendly and natural way. From there, the work is yours.

  • Work Environment: An environment that encourages productivity and creativity, possibly through community or space design. Betahaus Barcelona is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Barcelona and has been recently remodeled to offer the best work experience possible. That is why we have various spaces that offer possibilities to work in different ways: a cafe with music to inspire you, terraces to enjoy the sun while you work, cabins to hyper-focus or to make video conferences.

Health & Wellness

  • Healthy Working Conditions: Importance of natural light, ventilation, ergonomic furniture, and areas for active breaks or relaxation. All our spaces have natural light and are well ventilated. Cleaning is done every day and we have one main rule: our coworkers ahead of everything. That’s why when something doesn’t work as it should, we stop everything to provide the best possible service.

For perpetual challenges innovative solutions.

Companies of all types are looking for workspaces that adapt to their changing dynamics. Whether it’s an established business exploring flexibility, a remote team seeking cohesion, or coworking startups yearning for customization and scalability, each faces specific challenges from communication to cost management. Betahaus Barcelona stands out as the solution, offering everything from flexible offices to an enriching community, thus responding to the most critical challenges and facilitating an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

You do not believe it? Well look, we have detected three general profiles with their main concerns and how we address them at betahaus Barcelona.

For the company that is in an office with traditional rent

Transitioning from your own office to a more flexible space can seem daunting. Established companies struggle with managing office space , updating technology and equipment , and ensuring physical and digital security . Added to this is inflexible real estate management . Betahaus Barcelona offers flexible rental offices and coworking offices that provide advanced technological solutions and comprehensive security, all within flexible contracts without the burden of long stays or deposits.

Main challenges of this user profile:

  1. Inflexible Space Management:

  • Difficulty adapting office space to the changing needs of the company, whether due to growth or reduction of the team.

  1. High Operating Costs:

  • High costs for maintenance, utilities and technology upgrades.

  1. Long Term Commitments:

  • Rigid lease contracts that limit the company’s financial and operational flexibility.

  1. Equipment and Technology Management:

  • Need for continued investments in technology and furniture to maintain a productive work environment.

  1. Security and Privacy:

  • Concerns about the physical security of the office space and the protection of sensitive data.

Solutions that we at betahaus Barcelona provide to help you:

  1. Space Flexibility with Betahaus:

  • Betahaus offers private offices and coworking spaces that can easily adapt to the changing needs of your company, allowing scalability without the need to change locations.

  1. Savings in Operating Costs:

  • By opting for a betahaus space, your company can significantly reduce operating costs, since all services are included in a single price, with no hidden costs.

  1. Flexible Contracts without Long-Term Commitments:

  • Betahaus offers flexible rental terms, without the need for long-term commitments, allowing your company to maintain financial and operational freedom.

  1. Access to Cutting Edge Technology and Modern Equipment:

  • Enjoy access to offices fully equipped with the latest technology and ergonomic furniture, without the need for additional investments by your company.

  1. Advanced Security Solutions:

  • Betahaus provides a safe work environment, with advanced security systems and data privacy protocols, ensuring peace of mind for your company and your employees.

For companies with distributed teams

For companies with remote teams, maintaining effective communication and collaboration is key. Betahaus responds with coworking spaces and meeting rooms designed to facilitate the flow of ideas. These flexible working spaces and offices not only improve project management, but also strengthen corporate culture, improve your brand image, and combat isolation through community events and wellness programs.

In this case the main “pains” are usually these:

  1. Effective Communication and Collaboration:

  • Maintain fluid and effective communication and collaboration between team members who are geographically dispersed.

  1. Corporate Culture and Commitment:

  • Preserve a strong corporate culture and foster a sense of belonging and commitment among remote workers.

  1. Project Supervision and Management:

  • Monitor progress and manage projects efficiently without a constant physical presence.

  1. Isolation and Employee Wellbeing:

  • Combat the feeling of isolation that remote employees may experience and promote their mental and physical well-being.

  1. Flexible Workspaces for Occasional Meetings:

  • Provide a physical location for occasional meetings, training, and brainstorming sessions that require face-to-face interaction.

And the solutions we offer at betahaus are evident:

  1. Coworking Spaces and Meeting Rooms:

  • Betahaus offers flexible coworking spaces and meeting rooms equipped to facilitate effective communication and collaboration, both virtual and in-person, between remote team members.

  1. Networking Events and Community Activities:

  • With regular events, workshops and team building activities, betahaus helps strengthen corporate culture and foster a strong sense of community and belonging among remote employees.

  1. Diverse spaces to encourage face-to-face contact:

  • Providing access to various betahaus spaces facilitates efficient project supervision and face-to-face collaboration, taking you to another level in terms of synergies and effective productivity.

  1. Wellness Programs and Relaxation Spaces:

  • Betahaus offers wellness programs such as yoga and relaxation spaces, helping to mitigate isolation and promoting a healthy work-life balance for remote employees. For all our members we achieve the balance between well-being and work.

  1. Flexibility in the Use of Space:

  • With options ranging from day passes to private offices, betahaus from the heart of Barcelona provides the flexibility necessary to accommodate occasional face-to-face team meetings, facilitating integration and working together when necessary. Find out at betahaus about the wide variety of daily office rental options in Barcelona, from hourly offices to prices for coworking offices and shared work tables in office-only spaces! Find the option that fits your needs and budget, and start working in a professional and collaborative environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your productivity and networking in Barcelona!

For entrepreneurs and startups who already know what it is to work in a Coworking

Entrepreneurs and startups looking to escape the isolation of a home work environment or improve their situation in other coworking spaces will find an invaluable ally in betahaus Barcelona. Here, privacy and space for concentrated work are priorities, with modern offices and rental offices that guarantee a balance between collaborative work and individual focus. The flexibility and scalability of the space allows companies to grow at their own pace, while cost management is simplified with all services included in a single price.

When we talk to our startups that come from other coworkings, they tell us that the main problems they have are these:

  1. Privacy and Space Needs for Concentrated Work:

  • The difficulty of finding a balance between open collaboration and the need for privacy for tasks that require concentration.

  1. Representation of Brand Identity:

  • Limitations on the customization of the workspace that reflects the identity and culture of the company.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability of Space:

  • Face constraints on the ability to adapt the workspace to the changing needs of the company, whether for expansion or reduction.

  1. Efficient Cost Management:

  • Concerns about the value realized from spending on coworking spaces, especially as space and service needs evolve.

They also tell us that they came to betahaus because we really offer solutions to their problems and concerns:

  1. Variety of Space Options:

  • Betahaus Barcelona offers everything from private offices to coworking spaces specifically designed to perfectly combine collaboration and privacy, satisfying the needs for concentration and teamwork.

  1. Workspace Customization:

  • Unlike other coworking spaces, betahaus allows companies to customize their work area to reflect their brand and culture, making the space feel truly theirs.

  1. Adaptable Space Solutions:

  • With various space options, betahaus allows you to adjust the size according to the needs of the company without being tied to a long-term contract.

  1. Transparency and Cost Efficiency:

  • Betahaus features a transparent and competitive pricing model that includes all essential services, from high-speed internet to meeting rooms and networking events, ensuring businesses get maximum value for their investment.

Why betahaus Barcelona is your best option

Betahaus Barcelona stands out for its ability to adapt to the needs of companies of various sizes and stages. It offers offices for rent that guarantee flexibility , coworking spaces that encourage collaboration, and meeting rooms to boost productivity.

With office floors designed to promote well-being and creativity, and services such as office lighting and high-quality work offices , betahaus is positioned as a leader in the work office market in Barcelona .

4 Unique Advantages of Choosing Betahaus Barcelona

Why choose one of our private offices in Barcelona?

  • Flexibility and Scalability: We adapt the space as your company grows, without additional costs. You will be able to grow within your own office and we will give you future options to guarantee the best solution adapted to your growth plans.

  • Flexible Contracts: Without permanences, deposits, or guarantees, facilitating a hassle-free management. There are no hidden costs or clauses. Our transparency is total and a priority in our way of working.

  • Affordable Costs: We offer competitive prices, we are even cheaper than other options, including all essential services, so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

  • Comprehensive Office Management: We take care of everything, from maintenance to security, allowing you to dedicate time to your company.

Offices for rent in Barcelona , particularly in betahaus, offer more than just a workspace; They provide an environment that actively supports your company’s growth, innovation and the well-being of your team. Whether you are looking to rent an office , explore coworking spaces or need flexible and secure coworking offices , betahaus has a tailored solution for you. It’s time to take the step and transform the way you work.


We have offices available in Barcelona for rent near Travessera de Gracia. Our office building in Gràcia has all the necessary amenities so that your business can grow and prosper. Our Barcelona center offers a wide range of services for its members, including yoga classes to stay fit and reduce stress.

It also offers meeting office rentals and 24-hour coworking services for those looking for flexibility in their work schedules. With a focus on coworking for creatives, it has become one of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona for those looking for an inspiring and collaborative environment to work. With a location just meters from Paseo de Gracia, you will be in the heart of Barcelona, surrounded by shops, restaurants and a lively cultural life. Gracia is a neighborhood full of life, very central and authentic, take advantage of it when you leave work.

Our private offices in Barcelona are located in a modern type of building and well located on a central street in the city. In addition to individual offices, we also offer an adjoining meeting room so you can receive your clients or hold meetings with your work team. You can rent our office space fully equipped and ready to start working, with all the necessary services and amenities.

We also offer room rental in Barcelona for specific events or meetings. In our coworking space for companies you will find a collaborative and functional environment, ideal for enhancing the creativity and productivity of your team. All our offices are equipped with the best lighting and furniture, so you can work comfortably and efficiently.

Come discover our coworking workspaces and furnished offices in Barcelona!

barcelona coworking space betahaus

Office for rent betahaus Barcelona coworking Gracia


What should a coworking office have?

A perfect coworking office should have spacious and bright spaces, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, good internet connection, rest areas, equipped meeting rooms, a collaborative and creative environment, services such as printing, scanning and coffee, as well as events and networking. to promote interaction between coworkers.

How does a coworking office work?

A coworking office works very differently than a traditional one. In a coworking space, several companies and professionals share the same workspace, which encourages collaboration, creativity and diversity. Compared to a traditional office, in a coworking there are no rigid hierarchies, which promotes a more dynamic and flexible environment. Furthermore, in a coworking the costs are usually lower.

What services do coworkings offer?

Coworking spaces in Barcelona offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of professionals looking for a collaborative and flexible work environment. Common services: shared work areas, equipped meeting rooms, fast internet, printing, coffee, mail reception, networking events.

How much does a private office in a coworking cost?

The average cost of renting a private office in a coworking space in the city varies depending on the location and the services included. Typically, you can expect to pay between 200 and 450 per month for each position in a private office in a coworking space.

What benefits can I get by opting for a coworking space instead of a conventional office?

By opting for a coworking space instead of a conventional office, you can reap several key benefits. Firstly, flexibility in terms of hours and location allows you to work in a collaborative and stimulating environment. Additionally, networking with other professionals can help you expand your network of contacts and potential clients. Also, shared costs for a coworking space are often cheaper than renting a traditional office, saving you money.

How can a coworking space contribute to the growth of my business?

A coworking space can contribute to the growth of your business in several ways. First, it gives you the opportunity to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs, which can result in collaborations and strategic alliances. Additionally, by working in a shared environment, you can benefit from the creativity and inspiration that comes from being surrounded by people with different perspectives and experiences.