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We are your hourly coworking in Barcelona

In the vibrant and bohemian neighborhood of Gràcia in Barcelona, the concept of coworking in Barcelona by the hour has gained ground as the perfect option for those seeking flexibility and efficiency in their work environment. Hourly coworking has become a continuously growing trend, and at betahaus, we take pride in offering a unique experience in renting coworking spaces by the hour in Barcelona.

​Our Barcelona hourly coworking space is designed with the ever-changing needs of modern professionals in mind. Whether you need a place to work for a few hours or are looking for a longer-term option, we have the perfect solution for you.

​At betahaus, we offer a variety of packages tailored to different needs so you can make the most of your time and resources. From smaller packages to more extensive options, each one comes with its own distinctive benefits. All packages include access from 8 am to 8 pm, high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs, video call booths, a selection of tea & coffee, and much more.

Monthly coworking desks

Crave variety in your workday? Grab a hot desk and mix productivity with the pleasure of new perspectives. Join the hot desk revolution at betahaus Barcelona. Yearning for a space that’s unmistakably yours? Secure a dedicated desk and anchor your ambitions in a spot you can call home. Claim your dedicated desk at betahaus Barcelona.

Hot desks

Our Hot Desk membership is the ideal solution for the agile worker. With a hot desk, you have the freedom to choose a new spot each day, providing a fresh perspective and the opportunity to network with different professionals in our vibrant coworking community. It’s the hot desk vs dedicated desk debate settled in favor of variety and spontaneous collaboration.

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Dedicated desks

For those who prefer a space of their own, our Dedicated Desk membership offers a desk that is exclusively yours. This dedicated open desk coworking solution means you can set up your workspace with your monitor, keyboard, and personal touches, leaving them securely when you’re done for the day.

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We are your hourly coworking in Barcelona

We have a wide range of Barcelona coworking by the hour packs to suit your work needs at any given time. Whether it’s a 25, 40, 100, or 150 hour pack, you’ll enjoy the flexibility, productivity, and community that only a world-class coworking Barcelona by the hour with a local vibe can offer.

Day pass – 9 hours of coworking

A Day in the Life at betahaus: Unlocking Productivity with a Barcelona Day Pass. As dawn breaks over the enchanting city of Barcelona, the promise of a new, productive day beckons. For the agile professional, freelancer, or entrepreneur, the betahaus Barcelona Day Pass is the key to unlocking a day filled with potential and productivity in one of the city’s most inspiring coworking environments.

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Flexibility at your fingertips

With the 25-hour package, you’ll experience the freedom to organize your workday according to your own needs. This package is ideal for those looking for a flexible solution, allowing you to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Gràcia and make the most of your time. Moreover, with the option to change your workplace according to your project or mood, this package offers versatility that suits your lifestyle.

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Your project in an incredible space

If you’re looking for something a bit more extensive, the 40-hour package may be your perfect choice. This package provides a more solid structure for your workweek, allowing you to immerse yourself in productivity while enjoying the benefits offered by this wonderful neighborhood. With access to additional services and the possibility of booking meeting rooms, this package is a valuable investment for those seeking a balance between flexibility and stability.

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Boost your productivity

If you are looking for something a little more extensive, 60 hours may be your perfect option. This package provides a more solid structure for your work week, increasing your productivity while enjoying the benefits that this wonderful neighborhood has to offer. With access to additional services and the ability to book meeting rooms, this package is a valuable option for those looking for a balance between flexibility and stability.

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Most popular option

For those who want a more significant commitment without compromising flexibility, the 100-hour package is the perfect intermediate option. This Barcelona hourly coworking rental package allows you to immerse yourself completely in the vibrant environment of Gràcia while enjoying the stability that comes with more hours.

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The complete experience

The 150-hour package immerses you completely in the working experience in Gràcia. This package is ideal for those who want to establish a more constant presence in the neighborhood while maintaining the flexibility that only Barcelona hourly coworking can offer. With much more time to enjoy all the activities, spaces, services, and the possibility of participating in special events, this package provides a complete experience that combines the best of both worlds.

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All of our plans include

  • Wi-Fi + 600MB symmetrical Ethernet
  • Premium Ergonomic 3D chairs
  • Free coffee, tea and water
  • Access to 20 videoconferencing booths
  • Access to community dining room
  • Access to 6 terraces
  • Access to our directory and community channels
  • Access to weekly community events
  • Access to yoga, tai chi and other great wellness stuff
  • Discounts and member benefits
  • Access to ping pong

Hourly passes for teams

Want a part-time place to work in peace for you and your team? Our flexible hourly passes for teams are right up your street. It gives you several hours to use as you please each month from Monday-Friday. Perfect for companies in need to meet all together from time to time, to finish that important side project or getting a change of scene from your home office!

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Shared resources you and your team will have access to

Welcome to a place where space isn’t just a word, it’s an experience. With 20 phone booths, you’ve got privacy and space for all those hush-hush deals or friendly chats. Every inch of our 2,000 sqm promises vibrancy and productivity. And if the walls start closing in (though we doubt they would!), our 6 terraces are your escape pods. Feel the sun, taste the breeze, and get inspired.

Testimonials of our coworking space Barcelona

betahaus stands out for its vibrant community and supportive environment. Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup, or a company, betahaus Barcelona offers a unique coworking experience. It can help you thrive by providing a flexible workspace, a creative environment, and a collaborative community.

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