Flexible desktop (hotdesk) designed for freelancers and digital nomads who require a flexible workspace on a monthly basis. Navigating the world of coworking can feel like traversing a vast, bustling metropolis. Among the myriad of choices in the thriving Barcelona coworking scene, betahaus stands tall, shining like the city’s iconic Sagrada Família. It’s not just about having a desk to work on—it’s about finding the right community, atmosphere, and amenities that align with your work ethic.

  • Coworking Day Pass areas – flexible areas floor 2, 3 or 5
  • High-speed Internet – 600mb symmetrical
  • Coffee + tea + water – free
  • Premium ergonomic 3D chairs
  • Community events and discounts from our partners
  • Access from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm
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All our plans include

  • Wi-Fi + 600MB symmetrical Ethernet
  • Premium Ergonomic 3D Chairs
  • Coffee, tea and water on us
  • Access to 20 videoconferencing booths
  • Access to communal dining room
  • Access to 6 terraces
  • Access to our community directory and channels
  • Access to weekly community events
  • Access to yoga, tai chi and other great wellness stuff
  • Discounts and member benefits
  • Access to table tennis

Shared resources you and your team will have access to

Welcome to a place where space isn’t just a word, it’s an experience. With 20 phone booths, you’ve got privacy and space for all those hush-hush deals or friendly chats. Every inch of our 2,000 sqm promises vibrancy and productivity. And if the walls start closing in (though we doubt they would!), our 6 terraces are your escape pods. Feel the sun, taste the breeze, and get inspired.

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If you still have some questions or don’t know if we have something that suits your needs, let us know – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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