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Maximize your productivity with coworking Barcelona by the hour

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Maximize your productivity with coworking Barcelona by the hour

In the dynamic and creative city of Barcelona, the concept of coworking has evolved to meet the needs of a diverse and mobile workforce. Particularly in the picturesque neighborhood of Gràcia, the “Gràcia coworking by the hour” has become a popular solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams looking for flexibility and efficiency.

This model allows professionals to rent workspaces and meeting rooms tailored to their specific schedules and needs, without the need for long-term commitments.

In this article we will explain why hourly coworking in Barcelona is here to stay, tips on how to choose the right one and how to get the most out of it.

In today’s digital age, more and more people are choosing to work remotely or freelance. This is understandable, as this provides more flexibility and work freedom. Working from home has advantages, but also distractions such as the television, the refrigerator or family, which can make it difficult to concentrate.

In addition, the lack of a space designated exclusively for work can make it difficult to concentrate and decrease productivity. In light of these circumstances, hourly coworking has gained popularity as an effective and efficient solution for those looking for a flexible and productive workspace.

Through this article, we will provide you with detailed information about how you can make the most of your productivity by making use of this collaborative and shared work option.

Hourly coworking is an ideal option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals on the go due to its flexibility and convenience.

Coworking Barcelona by the hour is ideal for freelancers. It allows them to have a professional workspace without committing to a long-term rental agreement. They can rent a space for the exact time they need, which is especially beneficial if they work on short-term projects or just need a place to work temporarily.

For entrepreneurs, hourly coworking allows them to have a suitable workspace without incurring the high costs of renting a full-time office. They can use the facilities and services of the place. This gives them flexibility to adjust their work schedule. In addition, it allows them to be more productive.

For professionals on the go, hourly coworking gives them the opportunity to have a workspace in different locations. They can use coworking spaces in multiple cities or countries, which is useful if they travel a lot or need to work in different locations.

In short, hourly coworking perfectly suits the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals on the go by providing them with a flexible, convenient and productive workspace.

Definition of hourly coworking

What is hourly coworking? Hourly coworking is a flexible option for renting office space for a set period of time. Generally, it is rented by the hour, which is very convenient and comfortable. Imagine, don’t worry about signing a long-term rental contract. This is a relief if you are starting your business or just need a temporary place to work.

Hourly coworking allows you to have a space alone to work and collaborate with other independent professionals or entrepreneurs in the same place. This means that you can generate ideas, share knowledge and establish working relationships or even friendships with people who share your same interests and goals.

Coworking by the hour is an option to have an adequate, flexible workplace and to make connections with other professionals. Therefore, because we know that the way of working has changed, betahaus offers Passes of individual hours and Hourly vouchers for teams.

barcelona coworking space betahaus

Benefits of coworking Barcelona by the hour

Hourly coworking is a flexible and convenient option for those who do not need a full-time workspace. One of the main advantages of opting for hourly coworking is that it allows you to use the facilities and services of the place for the exact time you need, whether for a few hours a day or for several days a week. This gives you the freedom to adapt your work schedule to your needs and maximize your productivity.

Plus, the cost of hourly coworking is usually cheaper than renting a full-time workspace, saving you money. It is also an ideal option for those who do not have a fixed office or who travel frequently, as they can access different locations in different cities or even different countries.

Hourly coworking is a place where you work with other professionals from different areas. This can help you come up with new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

In addition, many hourly coworking offices offer additional services such as meeting rooms, printing and scanning, and high-speed Internet connections, making it even more convenient to carry out your professional tasks.

In summary, coworking Barcelona by the hour is a flexible, economical and enriching option that allows you to adapt your work schedule, save money and access additional services to improve your productivity.

One of the main advantages of hourly coworking is the flexibility it offers. You can rent a workspace for as long as you need, whether for a few hours or a full day. This allows you to adapt your work schedule to your needs and maximize your productivity.

Hourly coworking offers you many services and amenities, such as fast internet, meeting rooms and breakout areas, so you can work better.

In summary, these are the key benefits of hourly coworking Barcelona:

  • Hourly coworking is a flexible and convenient option.

  • Allows you to use the facilities and services for the exact time needed.

  • The work schedule can be adapted to personal needs.

  • It is cheaper than renting a space full time.

  • It is ideal for people without a fixed office or who travel frequently.

  • Allows you to access different locations in different cities or countries.

  • It offers a collaborative and enriching work environment.

  • Allows you to meet and collaborate with professionals from different industries.

  • It offers additional services such as meeting rooms and printing.

  • Provides high-speed Internet connections.

barcelona coworking space betahaus

How to Choose an Hourly Coworking Space

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, where innovation and creativity are found around every corner, choosing the right coworking space can be as exciting as it is challenging.

It’s not just about finding a place to work; is to discover an environment that enhances your productivity, expands your network of contacts and adjusts to your specific needs. Here we offer you a detailed guide to choosing the perfect hourly coworking space in Barcelona.

Location: Your Base of Operations

Location is crucial. Think about how it will affect your daily routine. Do you prefer a space in the bustling heart of the city, like the Eixample or the Gothic Quarter, where the urban energy is palpable? Or, do you lean more towards a quiet area like Gràcia or Sarrià, which offer a more relaxed atmosphere? Consider the ease of transportation, the proximity to potential clients or collaborators, and the offer of nearby services such as cafes, restaurants and banks.

Price: Your Investment in Flexibility

Cost is a deciding factor, especially for freelancers and startups with tight budgets. Hourly coworking spaces in Barcelona offer a range of prices, but it’s important to read the fine print. What exactly does the hourly rate include? Are there additional costs for services such as printing, meeting rooms, or use of special equipment? Make sure the price aligns with your needs and expectations.

Facilities: Your Ideal Work Environment

Each coworking space has its own character. Some offer an ultra-modern design with the latest technology, while others opt for a warmer and more homely atmosphere. Think about what you need to be productive. Do you require a high-speed internet connection, access to conference rooms, breakout areas, or perhaps an equipped kitchen? Make sure the space you choose has everything you need to work efficiently.

Community: More than Just a Workspace

One of the great advantages of coworking is the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Evaluate the type of community each space attracts. Some coworkings in Barcelona are aimed at specific sectors such as technology, design or art, which can be an advantage if you are looking for networking in your field. Participate in events or trial days to get a feel for the atmosphere and see if it fits your style and career goals.

Events: Learning and Networking Opportunities

Many coworking spaces in Barcelona offer a calendar of events, from workshops and talks to networking sessions and social activities. These events can be a gold mine for learning and networking. When choosing your space, consider what types of events it hosts and how they could contribute to your professional and personal development.

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Space

  1. Make a List of Your Needs: Before starting your search, clearly define what you need in terms of services, environment and community.

  2. Visit Various Spaces: First impressions are important. Visit several spaces to feel their atmosphere and evaluate if they meet your expectations.

  3. See Reviews and Testimonials: Look for online reviews or talk to current members to get an honest view of the space.

  4. Consider Flexibility: Make sure the space offers the flexibility you need, both in terms of schedules and contract terms.

  5. Try Before You Commit: If possible, work a day or a week in the space before making a final decision. Many offer free or reduced-price trials.

Coworking rental by the hour

Do you know that there are other resources that are accessible by the hour within a coworking space? You can rent coworking space by the hour, coworking for meetings by the hour or to organize events of any type. Keep reading:

Coworking Room by Hour: Spaces for Every Need

One of the most significant advantages of coworking in Gràcia is the availability of “coworking room by the hour” or “multidisciplinary event room”. Event rooms in coworking spaces are quiet and well-equipped for work or team meetings. These rooms are designed to facilitate productive meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions. Additionally, they are equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as projectors and interactive whiteboards, to maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

Coworking Hourly Meeting Room: Facilitating Collaboration

The “coworking meeting room for hours” It is another essential facet of these spaces. These rooms are designed to facilitate productive meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions. These meeting rooms have advanced technology such as projectors and interactive whiteboards. They can be reserved for the necessary time, being more efficient and saving unnecessary costs.

How to maximize your productivity with hourly coworking Barcelona?

Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity while working in a coworking space on an hourly basis? You are in the right place! Here are some tips and strategies you can implement to maximize your efficiency during your work sessions in a shared space.

One way to be more productive is to have a daily routine. In a coworking in Barcelona, it is important to have defined schedules to make good use of time. This includes setting times to start and finish work, as well as times to rest.

It is useful to have clear goals for each work day. By having concrete goals, you will feel more motivated and focused. You can divide your tasks into small goals and set realistic deadlines. This will help you feel satisfied and encourage you to keep going.

Another way to be more productive in a coworking is to network. By working in a shared space, you are surrounded by professionals from different industries. Take advantage of this to make contacts and collaborate with other workers. Participate in events or activities organized by the coworking to expand your network of contacts and obtain new ideas.

It is important to track and organize your work efficiently. Use digital tools like task management apps or calendars to record your activities and deadlines. This will help you prioritize and organize your tasks effectively, avoiding delays or forgetfulness.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental well-being. Working in a shared environment can be stimulating, but it can also be demanding. Make sure you take regular breaks, exercise and maintain a balanced diet.

This will help you maintain high levels of energy and concentration, which is essential to maximize your productivity.

To be more productive in a coworking, you must have a routine, clear goals, network, organize your work well and take care of yourself. Follow these tips and enjoy a productive and enriching work experience in your coworking space.

These are the keys to productivity if you are using an hourly coworking Barcelona

  • Establish a daily routine to make the most of your time in coworking.

  • Set clear goals and objectives for each work day.

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities to network and collaborate with other professionals.

  • Keep track and organize your work efficiently using digital tools.

  • Do not neglect your physical and mental well-being, taking regular breaks and taking care of your diet and exercise.

Establish a work schedule in your cowork by the hour

One of the fundamental keys to achieving great productivity in an hourly coworking space is to establish and strictly adhere to a previously defined work schedule. By doing so, it will be much easier for you to focus on your responsibilities and avoid any type of distraction that may arise in the work environment.

By having a fixed schedule, you make the most of every minute in this collaborative space, making your activities more efficient and effective.

Use time management tools

Another very efficient and effective way to maximize your productivity in an hourly coworking space is to use time management tools. These tools can be extremely valuable in optimizing your work performance and ensuring you make the most of every minute of your time.

You have at your disposal a wide variety of applications and tools that can provide you with great help in organizing your daily life. These applications allow you to maintain a clear and precise focus on your tasks and objectives, avoiding distractions and helping you meet your goals more efficiently.

Among the most popular and recognized options in this area are Trello, Asana and Evernote. These tools improve your work, with features that help you manage projects and daily tasks more efficiently and productively. With their easy use and customization options, these tools will adapt to your needs and help you manage your time efficiently.


One of the great advantages that hourly coworking offers is the unparalleled opportunity to interact with different professionals and entrepreneurs from various fields. Take advantage of this great opportunity to make connections and create a network of contacts that will help you in your career or business. Working together can be inspiring and motivating, increasing your productivity and performance at work.

Customize your workspace

Hourly coworking in Barcelona offers you a shared work space where you can customize your area according to your needs and work style. You can bring your own office supplies, such as a comfortable chair or a plant, to feel more comfortable and productive. Hourly coworking is a popular form of work in recent years due to its flexibility in schedules and costs. It is attractive to those who do not need a permanent full-time workspace.

An advantage of hourly coworking is being able to choose the workspace according to the needs of each person. If you need concentration, you can choose a quiet place. If you are looking for collaboration, you can choose a shared space to interact with other professionals.

In addition to flexibility in terms of schedules, hourly coworking also offers the possibility of reducing costs. Instead of paying a fixed monthly rent, you pay only for the hours of use of the space. This is especially beneficial for those who do not need a full-time workspace, as they do not have to make an unnecessary expense.

An advantage of hourly coworking is the opportunity to network and collaborate with other professionals. By sharing space with people from different industries, business opportunities can be generated. In addition, many coworking spaces organize events and activities that encourage interaction between their members, facilitating the establishment of professional relationships.

However, to get the most out of hourly coworking, it is important to follow some tips. First of all, it is essential to plan and organize work time efficiently. By having a flexible workspace, it is easy to be tempted to procrastinate or get distracted. Therefore, it is important to establish clear goals and objectives and dedicate your work time exclusively to achieving them.

Have you tried coworking for hours before? Share your experience in the comments!