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betaBreakfast at betahaus Barcelona: Discover Food and Energy with Lucía Pichardo

By 4 de May de 2023April 9th, 2024Knowledge exchange
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Welcome, digital friends, innovators and all coworking enthusiasts in Barcelona. Have you ever felt that unique sensation, that energetic buzz of Barcelona that blends with the synergy of passionate people? That feeling is what drives us at betahaus Barcelona, the best coworking space the city has to offer.

What makes betahaus Barcelona stand out?

It’s simple. It’s not just a coworking space. It is the epicenter of community events that connect, inspire and educate. It is a space where members from all professional spheres come, not only to work, but to grow, learn and be part of the best community in the city. And one of those special events waiting for you is the betaBreakfast.

betaBreakfast: More Than Just Breakfast

The beta talks, especially our betaBreakfast, aren’t just about stuffing your stomach with something tasty. They are about filling your mind with knowledge. And this Wed May 17th, we promise you a great event that will do exactly that.

“Food and Energy: Recover the power of your mornings” with Lucía Pichardo

Come and transform your tomorrow. Not only will you enjoy a delicious breakfast (yes, there will be fresh bread, because Lucía is a baker in her spare time), but you will also immerse yourself in the fascinating world of strong>food, nutrition and well-being.

Lucía Pichardo: She’s not just another nutritionist. She is a specialist in metabolism and hormones, with a passion that extends beyond her clinic. She is a plant lover and marathon runner, and most importantly, she is the driving force behind The Good In Food.

Their mission is simple but powerful: to help people reconnect with their bodies through food.

Why attend?

  1. Empower Yourself Through Nutrition: Learn how food can influence your energy, mood, and productivity.

  2. Community Connection: It’s not just a chat. It is an experience. Share, interact and connect with members of our betahaus family.

  3. A Different Morning: Switch up your morning routine and start the day with a boost of knowledge and delicious bread.

Take your Tomorrow to the next level

If you are part of our family at betahaus, or even if you are looking for a workspace or a community to join, betaBreakfast is your best option. Whether you’re here for the nutrition, the wellness, or just to nibble on a piece of bread, we’re sure you’ll take something valuable home with you

So, ready to power up your morning? Ready to learn, connect and grow with our members? Mark your calendar and join us. Because at betahaus, every community event is an opportunity to discover, learn and prosper.