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betaBreakfast: The Pulse of Internal Culture, a Morning Rendezvous at betahaus Barcelona

By 13 de December de 2022April 9th, 2024Sin categorizar
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Cultivating Internal Culture: A Morning Insight with Paula Arias at betahaus Barcelona’s betaBreakfast

Ah, Barcelona! A city drenched in history, art, and innovation. And nestled within its vibrant heart is betahaus, arguably the best coworking space the city has to offer. If you’ve been scouting the phrase “coworking space near me” or specifically targeting coworking in Barcelona, your search might just culminate here.

Not just for the sheer physicality of the workspace but for the enriching community events it continually hosts. One such promising event in our community is the betaBreakfast.

The betaBreakfast Brilliance

Let’s set the scene: Morning sunlight filters through large windows, illuminating a room bustling with eager members. There’s the inviting aroma of a freshly brewed cuppa and warm pastries. An eclectic mix of teams, solopreneurs, and representatives from varying companies mingle and chatter.

This isn’t just another meeting; it’s a convergence of minds, a family of professionals who make up the best community in town.

The topic of today’s talks in beta? Internal Culture, or as the Spaniards beautifully phrase it, “Cultura Interna”.

Enter Paula Arias: The Internal Culture Maven

Paula Arias of Fresh People stands as a testament to how human resources and organizational psychology can revolutionize the workspace. With a solid foundation in Organizational Psychology and Agile Management, Paula isn’t just another HR professional; she’s a changemaker. She seamlessly blends the nuances of team building, team recruiting, and crafting high-performance teams.

Her company, Fresh People, is a beacon for forward-thinking businesses, providing them HR consultation services and guiding them towards building impactful teams. Their mission? To assist the future leaders of tomorrow by refining their work practices today.

As Paula would put it:

My purpose is to support people in their workplace, making these years a positive experience where they can generate a long-term impact on the business, while they learn, laugh, and enjoy the journey.

Diving Deep with Paula

The agenda for this betabreakfast is profound:

  1. “Cultura: el desayuno de los equipos de alto rendimiento” – Understanding why culture is the breakfast for high-performance teams.

  2. “Desarrolla las bases de tu cultura paso a paso” – Laying the foundation of your company’s culture, step by step.

  3. “Sin cultura no hay escalado” – Grasping the idea that without culture, there’s no scaling up.

By the end of this session, attendees will walk away with a profound understanding of functional, scalable, and agile organizational structures. They’ll grasp the importance of human-oriented leaders and performance-oriented processes.

Networking Over Breakfast

But as is the custom at betahaus, the learning doesn’t end with the talk. As you nibble on your croissant and sip your coffee, you get the unparalleled opportunity to network. Engage with Paula, check out her LinkedIn profile, chat with fellow members, or perhaps brainstorm with startups about incorporating these newly learned principles.

This is the magic of betahaus Barcelona. It’s more than a coworking space; it’s where technology, social networks, work, and community converge.