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Coworking in Barcelona: The Coworking Revolution “By Hours”

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Barcelona, with its Mediterranean charm and vibrant cultural life, has emerged as an epicenter for coworking. If you’ve ever typed “coworking by the hour Barcelona” into your search engine, you’ll know that Barcelona is a leader in offering flexible solutions for modern professionals. But what makes Barcelona the number one destination for coworking by the hour?

Barcelona and the Rise of Hourly Coworking

Digital transformation and globalization have changed the way we work. The demand for coworking spaces in Barcelona has grown exponentially, and places like “betahaus” have positioned themselves as leaders in the sector.

  1. Dynamic Professional Community: Barcelona attracts professionals from all over the world, creating a mosaic of talents in its coworking spaces. This diversity encourages collaboration and networking, making each day a new opportunity to learn and grow.

  2. Strategic Location: Barcelona, a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean, is a meeting point for international business. Its location makes it easy to hold events for hours, attracting professionals from various fields.

  3. Quality of Life: Working in Barcelona is not just about work. The city offers a unique combination of culture, gastronomy and leisure. After a day of coworking, you can enjoy an event in the city or simply relax on one of its famous beaches.

Exploring Coworking Options in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a wide range of coworking spaces adapted to different needs:

  1. betahaus (or betahouse): Our space is more than just a workplace. Betahaus has become a community where freelancers, startups, and companies come together to collaborate. They offer flexible options, from fixed desks to coworking plans by the hour.

  2. Hourly Events: If you are looking to organize or attend hourly events, Barcelona has an unbeatable offer. From workshops to talks and seminars, there are events to suit all professions and interests.

  3. Other Coworking Options: In addition to betahaus, the city has a variety of spaces that offer coworking by the hour. Each one with its unique atmosphere and specialized services.

Tips for Navigating the World of Coworking in Barcelona

  1. Define your Needs: Before choosing a space, determine what you really need. Are you looking for a quiet environment or a more social one? Do you need 24/7 access or just a few hours a week?

  2. Location, Location, Location: Make sure the space is well connected and close to essential services.

  3. Participate in the Community: One of the biggest benefits of coworking is the opportunity to connect with other professionals. Participate in events, workshops and other activities that the space offers.


Coworking by the hour in Barcelona is more than a trend; is a response to the changing needs of modern professionals. With its rich offer of spaces and events, Barcelona is positioned as the ideal city for those seeking flexibility and growth opportunities in their work.