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Coworking: what is it and how can it benefit your business?

By 29 de March de 2023April 9th, 2024Tips & tricks
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Coworking what is it?

Surely many of you have heard of coworking. This labor opinion is more widespread than ever, especially in those cities that, due to their size or the prices of their business parks, make it prohibitive to acquire their own office where they can develop a professional activity.

Coworking: What is it?

Coworking means sharing a workspace with other freelancers, freelancers or entrepreneurs, to achieve not only an economically viable option as far as real estate is concerned, but to join efforts, network, achieve “joint” services and other really interesting options.

For example, coworking in Barcelona has become an increasingly popular option for freelancers, startups and small businesses looking for a place to work away from home. Coworking spaces offer a collaborative work environment, where people can share ideas and connect with other professionals.

But what exactly can the use of a coworking space bring to a professional? Throughout this article we will see its advantages:

Benefits of coworking

And it is that, as in any topic in this life, not everything can be advantages, and perhaps the only disadvantage that coworking presents as an option is that you have to subordinate your activity and your personal space to what the norms of the office imposes…Beyond this point, if this does not condition you, it presents numerous points in favor to decide on this option:

1. Flexibility with the day pass

One of the main benefits of coworking is flexibility. Not depending on schedules, nor being committed to paying expensive rents, supplies or insurance is something that more and more professionals are looking for to develop their business.

Virtually any coworking space offers options like the day pass, which allows people to work in a coworking space without having to commit to a long-term contract. We can also opt for monthly, quarterly and even annual modalities, always depending on our needs.

2. Tools and services needed to work

In addition, coworking spaces and offices are often equipped with all the tools and services needed to work, such as business-oriented quality industrial printers, scanners, and a high-speed internet connection.

This means that the initial investment for the majority of freelancers and self-employed workers who opt for this type of work does not have to make an initial outlay on expensive office supplies to start their activity.

3. Community and networking events

Another benefit of coworking is the work community that is created around this space. Coworking spaces often host events and activities for their members, such as talks, workshops, and networking events. These events are an excellent opportunity to connect with other professionals and learn new things.

4. Meeting rooms and community events

In addition, many coworking spaces also offer bookable meeting rooms and event rooms for their users, and even for external professionals who rent them.

These rooms are ideal for team meetings, presentations and community events. Many of these rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as projectors and sound systems, making them ideal for events of all kinds.

With the growing popularity of coworking in cities like Barcelona, with office prices truly unaffordable for startups, there are a wide variety of options available, from the day pass to meeting and event rooms.

5. Opportunity to connect with other professionals and learn new things

Coworking spaces are an excellent way to connect directly, but also indirectly, with dozens of professionals from whom you can not only learn new things and grow your business, but also generate new opportunities and create synergies.< /p>

Benefiting from this type of highly stimulating environment for professionals is usually the main reason for opting for the option of shared work areas. There are professionals who need to be surrounded by people to be productive, and this type of business is a good opportunity

Coworking revolutionizes the real estate market in Barcelona

The real estate sector in Barcelona has undergone a great change in recent years. The city has seen an increase in demand for workspaces, especially in the business arena. However, this increase in demand has led to an increase in office rental prices, making it increasingly difficult for companies to find affordable space in the city center.

This has led to an increase in companies looking for workspaces outside of the city center or choosing to share offices. The option of sharing offices, the coworking we have been talking about throughout the article, has been an increasingly popular solution for companies looking for an affordable and flexible option in the Barcelona real estate market.

Coworking offers flexibility in terms of time, allowing you to work in a shared space without long-term commitment and that in expensive parks like the one in Barcelona, is a really interesting point to take into account.


Finally, as we have seen in this article, coworking has become an increasingly popular option for independent professionals, startups and small companies looking for a place to work away from home.

Coworking spaces offer a collaborative and vibrant work environment, where people can share ideas and connect with other professionals.

In addition to all this, these spaces are usually equipped with all the necessary tools and services to work, as well as the possibility of attending events and networking activities with other professionals from different sectors.

Lastly, their greatest virtue is the flexibility they offer, with options such as the day pass, and the meeting rooms and events that can be reserved for their users. Therefore, it is more than evident that it has led to making coworking an excellent option for those looking for a collaborative work environment, the necessary tools and services, flexibility and networking opportunities, especially in stressed real estate markets such as Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao.

And you, would you consider the option of working in a coworking space?