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barcelona coworking space betahaus

Step into the vibrant world of coworking in Barcelona at Beta Events Venue.

Transition from engaging masterclasses to riveting presentations. Our Presentations and Talks Space for Rent is built for communicators, storytellers, and innovators like you. This is not just a venue; it’s where ideas come alive, discussions spark change, and talks inspire action. The best space for talks? It’s right here, where every session becomes a talk of the town.

When you think cowork in Barcelona, imagine a space that resonates with every word you speak. Ready to be the voice everyone waits for? Grab your spot and host your presentation in the heart of Barcelona’s cowork community.

barcelona coworking space betahaus
barcelona coworking space betahaus

89 € / H + 21% VAT

Capacity 60 people

Barcelona’s prime event venue for TEDx, webinars, and talks. Events Venue in our coworking Barcelona space for 60 people, ensuring top-tier presentations with standout amenities. Perfect for engaging dialogues.

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barcelona coworking space betahaus

Included in this event space:

  1. WIFI: High speed: 600 mbps symmetrical.
  2. FRIDGES: yes, two huge fridges.
  4. PROJECTORS: yes, two. One longitudinal, another transversal.
  5. VIDEO AND AUDIO: very professional, surrounding sound.
  6. WHITEBOARD & FLIPCHARTS: Large white board + 15 flip charts.
  7. MICROS: Handheld and/or headset microphones
  8. LIGHT: 4 lighting systems

Other event types

barcelona coworking space betahaus
barcelona coworking space betahaus
Education sessions
barcelona coworking space betahaus
barcelona coworking space betahaus
Big meeting rooms

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